SIP Panel Garden Studio

SIP Panel garden studio

We’ve installed a number of SIP Panel garden studios for individuals who want to create a place of work in their garden. Highly insulated with all the comfort of a room in their home. We find that those who choose a SIP panel studio typically want to use their building on a daily basis and all through the year.

SIP stands for Structurally Insulated Panel. The simplest way to explain it is insulation sandwiched between 2 sheets of 11mm OSB. It provides a very strong and highly insulated structure with minimal thermal breaks. SIP panels can be used for the floor, walls and roof structure. We work closely with a SIPS panel manufacturer to create your bespoke build. The interior and exterior can be then finished in a number of different styles with a range of materials.

If you take a look on the gallery tab you’ll see some examples of SIP garden studios. If this is something you’d like to explore in more detail then lets have a chat about your project ideas.