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5 key benefits of having a garden office

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On the BBC Business Live this morning they raised a point about flexible working hours and working from home. They stated that currently 4.2m of us already do work from home and 1.8m would like to. They also said that the average commute into London for work is 1.15hrs and that the average time spent computing over a length of career is 10,600hrs.

Click on the link below and listen from 14.50mins.

Listen to BBC Business Live

Her’s our top 5 benefits to working from a garden office. 

1. No commuting time

How many of us love getting up at silly o’clock on a work day, getting suited and booted, having to de-ice the car and then endure and sluggish drive to work and getting caught up in traffic at every roundabout and every set of traffic lights? And, by the time you get into work you’re already stressed and looking forward to your first break in the day.

Well, for some the above is a thing of the past. A number of self employed, freelance and small businesses are creating their perfect work environment and building fantastic home offices in their gardens and reducing their commenting time down to about 1 minute!

2. Keep work and home life separate 

Many small businesses start their lives based from home, and to be honest thats exactly what we did, tucked under the stairs! As the business grows and often family life becomes more consuming it becomes increasingly important to be able to separate home and workalike. To be able to not just close the door but to physically walk away from work at the end of the day can help to strike a good work life balance and productivity in all areas. Thats why a garden office is so desirable.

3. More time for yourself and family

Time is the one thing we all feel we have plenty of but when you look back on things you realise that time goes by pretty quickly. If you can reduce your commuting time down from say 1hr to 1 minute then what would you do with those additional 2hrs in your day? Thats 10 hours a week, which is the equivalent to creating an additional working day in your week! Whilst some may choose to make the most of that additional time and use it for work others may now be able to get to the gym, take up that hobby they have wanted to do for years, or do more with that family. The idea of working from a garden office is now really appealing.

4. Financial benefits

So with no more commuting to work, straight away there can be significant savings on fuel and day to day running of your car and no more popping out to the sandwich van for lunch or coffee. You might also be able to do away with the business wardrobe! But, on a more serious note there can be financial benefits with off setting the cost of the building against corporation tax and if you’re VAT registered then you can reclaim back the VAT.

Before placing an order for a log cabin home office we suggest getting some professional advice on the serious financials and take a moment to speak with your accountant who should be able to give sound advice.

5. Create you prefer working environment

As you would have seen we offer a large range of standard log cabin kit designs of which the higher spec buildings with insulation are better suited to all year round use. If our standard log cabin designs don’t quite fit your exact requirements then get creative and think how you would like your perfect space. We love creating designed spaces so if you like a certain windows size or position, a dividing wall to create a multi room log cabin or a porch with a canopy then we can help you create your perfect log cabin without compromise. We’ll make the process really consultative and produce 3D images which will illustrate your design.

If you’re serious about working from home then lets talk log cabin garden offices.

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