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June 2014 - Lyme Bay Cabins

Corner Log Cabin summer house – Bradninch, Devon

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Heres a great example of a corner log cabin. A fantastic summer house garden retreat. Our client from Bradninch in Devon came to use on recommendation which for us is a fantastic complement! He was having a total garden makeover so we worked closely with him and his landscape gardener to provide the perfect garden building that would fit the space and new garden design. Our client decided to have the floor and roof insulated so he can extend the seasons and still enjoy his garden during the colder spells. Here’s a few pics of how it came together.

Creating a level base for your log cabin

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There are a number of really important factors to take into consideration before starting your log cabin project but the first one to get right is the base. If the proposed siting of the building is on a patio or existing concrete pad then you may find that the surface won’t be level. The success and quality of the installation will often come down to the preparation of a level base. We’re just working on a project at the moment where the existing concrete pad is on the wonk and isn’t square. The best solution to go with was to build a timber sub frame and support the frame on anti rot plastic posts. We’ve now created a perfect level for the cabin to sit and also a fantastic area for decking. We’ll keep you updated with the build progress in the coming weeks (and when we get some good weather!)